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“I have traveled all over the United States and Canada searching for cattle herds that thrive in real world/grass environments.   When it comes to performance on grass, the Jauer Dependable Genetics cattle are full of potential.  In fact they are the most impressive herd of line bred, grass finishing genetics that I have seen in North America.  They have width and depth of body, they are shorter in structure, and are the closest type of cattle for finishing on grass I’ve found.”

~ Gearld Fry


We ran an ultrasound-tenderness test on our bull and heifer crops in 2005.   We were extremely pleased with the results.  They confirmed that our program of raising grass genetics can produce a value added product the consumer desires in an efficient manner.  “The Jauer cattle are deep, thick, sound, and functional. I was pleased with the way they scanned and found them to be very uniform and consistent. They meet our branded beef program criteria to a high degree - exhibiting the muscle shape, marbling, and tenderness we desire”

 ~ Dr. Allen Williams Ph.D.


After tenderness-ultrasound testing our 2006 heifer and bull crops in 2007, the ultrasound technicion had this to say about our cattle, "Its hard to find this many good bulls in one place. I really like the thickness of the bulls, the depth of body, and moderation of frame the bulls possess."

~ Ron Ladner -Tallgrass Beef Company, LLC


After tenderness-ultrasound testing our 2008 heifer and bull crops in 2009, the ultrasound technicion had this to say about our cattle, "I had the pleasure of scanning these bulls and heifers for this sale. When you find a set of cattle with these types of carcass traits it always is fun and interesting to see how good the next one will be. The dedication to muscle, ribeye scores and IMF by these breeders definitely shines when you look at the scan reports. I look forward to working with these fine people again."

~ Mike Leishman -Tallgrass Beef Company, LLC


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