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Jauer Dependable Genetics is located in the rolling hills near the town of Hinton in northwest Iowa. We maintain a cow/calf herd comprised of easy fleshing, moderate frame Angus & Angus-Cross breeding stock.

At Jauer Dependable Genetics, maternal efficiency is not just a slogan - it is the cornerstone of our operation. We have been breeding grass and forage based breeding stock for over 40 years. Our cattle go out and work in the real world; fleshing ability is bred in, not fed on.

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The scope of our program is the production of efficient Angus females. We require all JDG females to be high capacity, moderately framed animals that maintain their flesh on grass and forage diets. Bulls produced at JDG are powerful, easy fleshing animals bred to produce beautiful replacement females and beefy, well-built bull calves.

We strive to breed cattle that are easy fleshing, deep flanked, thick made, and structurally correct while maintaining a moderate frame size. Our cattle are bred to adapt to their environment - they thrive on grass and forage diets.

Females make up the largest part of any commercial or purebred herd. They consume the bulk of the available resources and are the key to profitability in most operations. Our goal is to produce mamma cows that will go out and calve on their own, raise a good, healthy calf, get bred back each year, and maintain their flesh through the winter without the need of excessive amounts of feed and grain.

Reducing feed costs, increasing stocking rates, and having the ability to produce more calves on the limited amount of available resources will give your operation the competitive advantage you need to maintain profitability regardless of market conditions. Breeding stock purchased from Jauer Dependable Genetics go out and work for you, not the other way around.

We offer private treaty sales of spring bred cows, fall bred pairs, two year old bulls, and semen sales throughout the year. We take great pride in finding the right bred females or bulls to fit your needs. Please contact us for additional information or to be added to our mailing list.

Each year at the end of January, we host a production sale. We will sell 200+ head of spring bred cows, fall pairs, commercial bred heifers, and two-year-old bulls at auction at a sale facility right here on the ranch. Live streaming is available and sale catalogs are mailed prior to the auction.

Feel free to browse the information found here and contact us with additional questions and comments. We are more than happy to discuss our program and show the cattle at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jauer Dependable Genetics has begun offering beef sales direct to local consumers. We have quarter, half, and full beef sales available throughout the year.  There has been great demand for locally sourced farm raised beef and we are proud to now offer high quality beef from stock raised right on the ranch.

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